What’s The Pipeline All-position Automatic Welding Equipment

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there are fewer and fewer young people willing to engage in welding. Industries such as pipeline installation have encountered various problems in the recruitment of welders, such as difficult recruitment, expensive welders, and unstable welding quality.


The automatic pipeline welding equipment developed and produced by Tianjin Yixin Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd. has complete functions. It adopts workpiece fixation and welding head magnetic/track-type walking to realize all-position automatic welding. The welding process adopted by our intelligent pipeline automatic welding equipment is FCAWE/GMAW-GS, with highefficiency and low cost. It is widely used in pipeline installation industries such as the chemical industry, water conservancy, thermal power, power construction, offshore engineering, China Railway, construction, and natural gas industries. In the welding process, it has the advantages of low labor intensity and high welding efficiency. While liberating manpower, it not only improves the welding efficiency but also guarantees the welding quality, so that the weld quality is consistent and meets various flaw detection requirements.


Advantages of HW-ZD-201 pipeline automatic welding equipment: pulse, double pulse customized imported power supply, intelligent expert fusion system, welding data can be edited and recalled, and automatic welding can be started with one key. Wireless remote control, convenient and flexible, permanent magnet adsorption, not limited by pipe diameter specifications, eliminating the cumbersome process of loading and unloading trucks. With straight pendulum and angular pendulum swing modes, which can be switched freely, it is suitable for filling narrow gaps of thick-walled pipes. Stable performance and high pass rate.


Advantages of YX-G168 pipeline automatic welding equipment: the smallest and exquisite rail-type single-gun external welding machine on the market currently requires only 170mm of working space in the transverse direction of the fuselage, which is light and easy to use. The track is equipped with an exclusive patented quick-type buckle, which only takes 1 minute to disassemble and assemble. The shrapnel-type support does not damage the external corrosion of the pipeline and is self-adaptive, and has a good fit. Pulse and double pulse customized imported power supply, intelligent expert fusion system, can input and call welding program, realize the one-key start of automatic welding. Wireless remote control, convenient and flexible.

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Post time: Jan-04-2022