automatic orbital welding machine

  • HW-ZD-200


    As the upgraded product of YX-150PRO, it adopt advanced four-axis drive robots, combined with arm shift and gun swing technology, can even weld 100mm wall thickness pipelines (above Φ125mm). It is a major breakthrough in international thick-wall welding technology and is widely used in oil and gas industries.

  • YX-150


    YX-150, adapting MIG (FCAW/GMAW) welding process, is suitable to weld pipelines of kinds of steels. It’s applicable pipe thickness is 5-50mm(above Φ114mm), suitable to work on site. With the advantages of stable function, low cost and convenient handling, it is widely used in home and abroad.

  • YX-150 PRO

    YX-150 PRO

    On the basic of YX-150, YX-150 PRO integrated the welding head with the welding feeder, making it not only greatly save space, but also effectively improve the welding stability (due to the closer distance between the wire feeder and the welding head), making the welding effect better.

  • YH-ZD-150


    YH-ZD-150, as automatic TIG (GTAW) welding machine, integrates a variety of cutting-edge automated welding technologies and is suitable for welding thin-walled tubes of carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy and other materials with great effect.