Celebrate! Tianjin Yixin Won The Honorary Title Of “National High-tech Enterprise”

Recently, by the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises" (Guoke Fahuo [2016] No. 32) and the "Guidelines for the Administration of Recognition of High-tech Enterprises" (Guoke Fahuo [2016] No. 195), the list of the second batch of recognized high-tech enterprises in Tianjin in 2021 was announced, and Tianjin Yixin was on the list and won the "National High-tech Enterprise".

The certification qualifications and conditions for the "National High-tech Enterprise" are issued by the State Council, and the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the State Administration of Taxation are jointly responsible for the management of the certification. The certification has strict requirements on the number and quality of independent intellectual property rights of the core technology of the enterprise, the number of research and development personnel, the growth of sales and assets, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, and the management level of research and development organizations.


The purpose of this selection is to select a strong high-tech industry company in Tianjin. Tianjin Yixin's successful approval is an affirmation of Tianjin Yixin's high-tech industry.

In years of development, Tianjin Yixin attaches great importance to scientific and technological research and development and innovation, and the transformation of technological achievements. Reputation is favored by many partners.


The passing of the national high-tech enterprise certification is not only the national and all levels of government's recognition of Tianjin Yixin's scientific research capabilities and overall technical level, but also a spur and incentive to Tianjin Yixin.

We will continue to introduce a high-quality talent team to provide a fundamental guarantee for independent innovation; pay more attention to independent innovation, protect intellectual property rights, and enhance the core strength of the enterprise; continue to increase investment in scientific research to enrich the stamina of enterprise innovation and development; further strengthen technological innovation capabilities and technology The ability to transform achievements provides strong technical support for the sustained and rapid development of enterprises.

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Post time: Dec-31-2021