YX-G168 Single Torch Automatic Pipeline Welding Machine

Short Description:

YX-G168 single torch external welding machine is a new masterpiece of YIXIN. It uses a narrow and thin track design with a smaller space, so that it can be installed and used without destroying the insulation layer when used on a thermal pipeline,with stable welding performance and high degree of automation.

Product Detail

YX-G168 single torch orbital pipeline automatic welding machine is a new type of automatic welding equipment that combines a new generation of control technology and welding process technology. It is mainly used for filling welding and cap welding of long-distance pipelines such as oil, natural gas, heat, water supply, etc. Adapt to pipe diameter: above DN168mm. It adopts a narrow and thin track structure, which occupies a small space and does not damage the outer insulation and anti-corrosion coatings of the pipeline. It integrates a variety of cutting-edge intelligent welding technologies, adopts a customized imported brand full-digital welding power source, and has MIG, With pulse and double pulse functions, the whole system is optimized for integration. It adopts a high-quality alloy steel shell of impact-resistant engineering, exclusive patented appearance design, exquisite and generous, compact and portable, and highly integrated. Steel grades above X65-X120 and pipe diameters above 6” can be used for pipelines with excellent adaptability to high and low-temperature environments.

  • Lightweight welding head, integrated wire feeding system, installation is completed in a few seconds, convenient and fast.
  • The self-developed narrow and thin head track can be applied to thermal pipelines without damaging the insulation layer. The track is made of a high-quality spring steel belt, which is durable and has good adaptability. The installation is simple and reliable, and the joints of the track are well and excessively connected.
  • Multi-function remote control, Chinese/English interface, hand-held remote control can realize the selection of welding bead, adjustment of left and the right height, swing width, etc. of welding torch, in line with ergonomics.

Working Principle:

The single torch external welding machine is mainly composed of a welding head, welding wire feeding system, remote control, welding power supply, cable, walking track, etc., through the head walking on the track to achieve all-position welding. A single welding torch can realize welding of different welding joints, which is a high-efficiency external pipeline welding equipment. In the welding process, welders are required to participate in the welding process to varying degrees to ensure the quality of the weld. It is protected by carbon dioxide or mixed gas (80% argon + 20% carbon dioxide), and the welding wire can be solid-cored or flux-cored.


Scope of Application:

  • Applicable working conditions: on-site welding and prefabrication of various long-distance pipelines (oil, natural gas, etc.), thermal pipelines, water supply pipelines, etc.
  • Applicable environment: indoor workshop, field scene
  • Welding material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, low-temperature steel, etc.
  • Welding angle: flat welding, vertical welding, horizontal welding, overhead welding, all position 5G welding
  • Applicable welds: pipes with diameters above Φ168mm and wall thicknesses greater than 5mm can be used.
  • For thick-walled pipes, straight pendulum and angle pendulum functions can be selected, and multi-layer and multi-pass welding are adopted.
  • Weldable types: pipe-pipe circumferential seam internal and external welding, pipe-elbow, pipe-flange, horizontal and vertical welding of tanks, horizontal welding of pipe piles, flange fillet welds, longitudinal seams of straight pipes, etc.

Performance Advantage:

  • Welding parameter presets and real-time adjustment and precise control realize a smooth transition of welding parameters and improve the stability of the welding process and the quality of welding.
  • Straight pendulum and angle pendulum welding can be switched freely, which can realize multiple welding modes in one machine, suitable for welding various wall thickness pipelines, and effectively improve the welding qualification rate.
  • Narrow and thin flexible steel track design, thermal pipelines can be assembled and applied without destroying the insulation layer, strong rigidity, lightweight, convenient for transportation, and welding head rack and pinion travel accuracy is higher
  • Combining with WiseFusion intelligent fusion expert program to optimize the arc ignition function of welding, so that the arc starts smoothly and the success rate is high
  • Small and portable, high degree of integration, exclusive patented design, exquisite and generous
  • The high degree of intelligence, less dependence on labor, ensuring the unity and reliability of welding parameters
  • Exquisite welding shape, welding quality can meet flaw detection requirements
  • Integrated welding head, compact structure, stable wire feeding, high arc stability, lightweight
  • Using advanced digital micro-control technology, combined with an excellent motor control system, the control is more precise and stable.
  • The anti-interference communication technology is adopted between the welding units, which has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability and real-time dynamic response, which is convenient for use in harsh working environments and can be used for automatic welding operations in complex construction environments.
  • System IP23S protection level, adapt to ambient temperature: -40℃~+70℃
  • Hand-held LCD remote control, visual touch screen: used for setting, displaying, modifying, and storing welding parameters, supporting data uploading. Chinese/English interface, convenient to observe and adjust welding parameters at any time, easy to operate, friendly and intuitive
  • The head integrates a wire drawing system to ensure stable and reliable wire feeding
  • The head is suitable for a narrower space and can be better used for the construction of the processing pipeline of the station
  • Geared track design, stronger welding accuracy, and longer life

Welding Effect

  • Welding efficiency: fast speed, high production efficiency, and can be increased by about 3-4 times compared with manual arc welding.
  • Welding quality: The welding seam is beautifully formed, without porosity, slag inclusion, confusion, etc., and the welding quality is good. The pass rate of second-level ray inspection is over 98%, and the pass rate of ultrasonic inspection is close to 100%. Meet the requirements of pressure test or impact, tensile, bending, and other mechanical properties inspection.

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